Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama: Fatherhood Begins at Conception

Long time no post!

All the (oilfield) land work and shelf (near shore) work is drying up but deep water work is still alive and kicking me square in the gut. All things considered, I'd rather be an overloaded oilfield worker with no time to update my blog, than an unemployed GM or Chrysler hand.

Anyway, I checked some other blogs for the first time in quite a while and I found this over at AmP.

I thought it was pretty dern'd good so I shamelessly copied it and put it on my blog.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Obama Album Cover

I'm not sure what Rage Against the Machine would think about my version of their album cover. I though it was appropriate given the fact that B. Hussein Obama's first order of business has been to expand state funded abortion and embryonic stem cell research in every way possible, to the maximum extent possible and as quickly as possible. I'm sure he'll get to that whole "crashing economy" thing in due time. First things first.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Blue Bell Mardi Gras Flavored Ice Cream

Blue Bell is now selling it's seasonal "Mardi Gras" flavored ice cream. If you haven't tried it yet I can tell you it's good. They've managed to capture the essence of Mardi Gras in an ice cream. It's purple with green and gold accents and it tastes like liquor!

Paging Mr. Kmiec...

Has anyone heard from Doug Kmiec since his idol was elected president? Last I heard he was complaining about the Catholic blogosphere in this Commonweal article. It's a VERY lengthy article considering the subject matter. Feel free to follow the link if you care to read Doug "Polonius" Kmiec's version. "Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit," I'll summarize:
Poor me. I'm Doug Kmiec. I endorsed the most pro-abortion political candidate ever and now the conservative blogosphere is attacking me. LOOK AT MEEEEEEE, president Obama! I gave big time political cover to you and all the CINO's (Catholics In Name Only) and helped deliver 54% of the Catholic Vote! I even wrote an entire book on the subject! I'm certainly not suggesting that you owe me anything for my enormous contribution to your victory, even though I've completely sacrificed myself upon your alter of political power. I mean, I've been praying about being ambassador to the Holy See and everything, but you do whatever your conscience tells you to do. If you need me, I'll just be up here bleeding on this big political cross, slowly dying for you and quietly suffering the buffeting and spitting of the low class Catholic blogosphere.
I really would like to hear what Doug has to say about his beloved president B-Rock giving away millions upon millions of dollars to foreign abortion mills within the first week of his most glorious imperial reign. That must have been REALLY important to B-Rock. Killing children is now, officially, the first and most important industrial export of his administration.

Doug, had sooooooo much to say during the campaign. Where is he now? Did I miss his public reaction to the president's global death sentence?

Doug? Hellooooooooo Doug! Are you there?

I would like to know when Doug thinks we'll see all of those "proportionate reasons" he spoke of which somehow balance out the holocaust he has now instantaneously expanded . Where's the end to the war in Iraq? An end to poverty? Support for the average family (except, of course, it's unborn members). An end to pollution? A chicken in every pot? Something? Anything?

You out there, Doug? Come in... Come in...

(Seriously, if he's responded to this publicly I'd like to know.)

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Baby!

Our little Genevieve was born the past Saturday! Momma's fine, baby fine and the girls love their new sister like crazy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Excellent Pro-Life Ad

Hat tip to and AmP...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby on the Way

My wife is due on the 25th so we'll have a new addition to the family any day now. Keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


My wife and I had our last date night out for a while (baby's due at the end of the month). We had a fantastic meal at Marcello's in Lafayette. I also had my first Sazerac, the first American cocktail and the official cocktail of Alcoholic Disneyland (better know as New Orleans, La.). A very nice drink indeed. If you haven't tried one yet I highly recommend it. If you decide to have a second one you may want to have a designated driver handy 'cause it's mostly rye whiskey.

Incidentally, the J Pinot Gris I chased it with was quite tasty also.

I'm going to bed now.