Monday, April 25, 2005

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Let the Lamentation of the Liberals Begin

I love this one from Andrew Sullivan.

"I was trying to explain last night to a non-Catholic just how dumb-struck many reformist Catholics are by the elevation of Ratzinger. And then I found a way to explain. This is the religious equivalent of having had four terms of George W. Bush only to find that his successor as president is Karl Rove. Get it now?"

I think the only thing that would have satisfied some of these liberals would have been a Pope who stepped out onto the balcony, announced he's gay and changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

Well I'm back (sort of). I've got some kind of respiratory ailment which, by my estimation, is somewhere between black lung and tuberculosis. Bear in mind I'm not a doctor, nor do I even play one on TV. My diagnosis is entirely based on my own miserably low pain threshold.

I've also been super busy at work. I'm working on a construction/fabrication bid proposal that may mean a trip to the Netherlands next month for negotiation (that'll help my cough).

I think I've just been to busy/sick to get worked up over anything enough to write about it. The Terri Shiavo murder has been on my mind but I think all of the facts are out on that one and people have made up their minds whether they want to save Terri or kill her. Too bad all the key people want her dead. I know judges must dispassionately interpret the law as it is written, but I think there is either too much or too little judicial activism at work here. I haven't yet decided which. I am also not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.

I managed to watch "Voices of Iraq" while I was sick. Excellent documentary. I highly recommend it. I took a break from "Celsius 41.11" to pay some bills and clean the cobwebs off my blog. 41.11C looks pretty good too. Particularly illustrative of the left's ignorance was the scene where they show the crazy woman from 911F saying she likes a dictator that provides free health care and education and then cut to scenes of hands and heads being chopped off, people being beaten and kicked, and children dead in the streets from chemical weapons attacks. Yeah, saint Saddam.

Happy Easter.

Pray for the Pope.

Pray for Terri.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Michael Schiavo = Dirtbag x 12^23

Check out this quote from his Nightline interview.

BURY: "Your wife's family and their supporters have been arguing in the most graphic terms that what you are going to allow happen on Friday, in their words, is in effect condemning your wife to a cruel death by starvation. I'd like you to address that charge from them."

SCHIAVO: "That's one of their soapboxes they've been on for a long time. Terry will not be starved to death. Her nutrition and hydration will be taken away."

I double checked the definition of starvation just to make sure it hadn't changed in the last couple of years and somehow I didn't get the memo.

starvation - n 1: a state of extreme hunger resulting from lack of essential nutrients over a prolonged period.

That's what I thought it meant. Michael did go on to explain his understanding of the word, "Starvation".

SCHIAVO: "...slowly - her potassium and her electrolytes will slowly diminish and she will drift off to a nice little sleep and eventually pass on to be with God."

That sounds more like yoga. Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding and someone should explain the meaning of starvation to him before he kills his wife.

If that's the logic you're going to use then why bother with all of the legal red tape. Just march into Terri's room and lop her head off with a samurai sword a la O.J. Simpson. When someone asks why you killed your wife, your response should be, "I did not kill my wife. I merely removed her head from her body. She then drifted off to a nice little sleep and eventually passed on to be with God." What a thoughtful husband you are.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Killing Terri

Euthanasia fans, gather round. I thought you might like to see the person you are all so enthusiastic about killing. Her name is Terri Schiavo (link is Real Player video). As you can see, she is not in some sort of permanent, non-responsive coma. She is not battling some rare form of cancer that leaves her in a constant state of intense pain. She is wide awake and seems to recognize her mother. There are other video clips at if you care to take a look.

Oh, and before you get all sympathetic for her loving husband who has to care for her (you know, the one that wants her to die of starvation), you might want to take a look at his background. You might also want to ask him a few questions. I'd like to know why he would turn down $1mil to simply walk away and let Terri live. Has this turned into a hostage negotiation?

The MSM won't talk about Michael Schiavo's vested interest in his wife's death. It's all about the right to die. The reality is that this is a decade long murder plot.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for Terri and her family, but there is no denying the fact that she is a living breathing human being. People are not utilitarian objects to be destroyed once they have outlived their usefulness. If we take that view then there is nothing stopping mothers from killing their own childre...

Oh, I guess we are there already. But at least it's only the unborn ones that are being kille...

Oh. Born ones too?

In that case, welcome to Utilitopia. Pray you don't get sick.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Free Haircut

Great joke shamelessly stolen from conservative thoughts.

One day a florist goes to a barber for a haircut. After the cut he asked about his bill and the barber replies: "I'm sorry, I cannot accept money from you; I'm doing community service this week” The florist is pleased and leaves the shop. Next morning when the barber goes to open up, there is a thank you card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he goes to pay his bill the barber again replies: "I'm sorry, I cannot accept money from you; I'm doing community service this week." The cop is happy and leaves the shop. Next morning when the barber goes to open up, there is a thank you card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

Later a Republican comes in for a haircut, and when he goes to pay his bill the barber again replies: "I'm sorry, I cannot accept money from you; I'm doing community service this week." The Republican is very happy and leaves the shop! Next morning when the barber goes to open up, there is a thank you card and a dozen different books such as “How to Improve your Business” and “Becoming More Successful".

Then a Democrat comes in for a haircut, and when he goes to pay his bill the barber again replies: "I’m sorry, I cannot accept money from you; “I'm doing community service this week." The Democrat is very happy and leaves the shop. Next morning when the barber goes to open up, there are a dozen Democrats lined up waiting for a free haircut.

A Dose of the Ghost

Anyone out there want a Holy Ghost Enema? I didn't think so. Kudos to Fr. Sibley for finding this video gem. I call it, "Faith Without Reason," or, "Diarrhea of the Mouth." Feel free to add your own title. Too funny.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Martha Stewart Freed from Prison

I thought it noteworthy that the modern day icon of homemaking was freed from prison today. With criminals and terrorists lurking about, we managed to imprison the last woman on earth famous for cooking, cleaning and crafts. Surely this was some kind of liberal plot. Martha had this to say.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Is Cardinal McCarrick Even Pro-Life?

Cardinal McCarrick is at it again. First there was the issue with politicians receiving communion, now he's off the reservation on pro-abortion politicians speaking at Catholic colleges. Where on earth does the Cardinal get the idea that pro-abortion speakers are good for Catholic education?

Let me summarize. Cardinal McCarrick thinks that pro-abortion politicians should receive the body of Christ with the same mouth that proclaims, "Death to the Unborn!" at every opportunity. Cardinal McCarrick also seems to believe that instead of sending a clear, unified, pro-life message by forbidding pro-abortion activities to speak at Catholic colleges, pro-abortion activists should be able to spread their message of death unhindered by any form of restriction that might remotely be construed as admonishment.

In what bizzaro world does any of this glorify God or help to shepherd his people?

If the name, Theodore E. McCarrick was not preceded by the title of Cardinal, one would think he was a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood.

Friday, February 25, 2005

G. K. Chesterton

"Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions."

I liked that one so much, I changed my tagline again.

Color Photos of WWI

It's amazing how color can change the whole communicative effect of a photo. If these had been in black and white, I don't think it would have the same impact. Viewing these images in color really puts you at the scene. It also reminds me that WWI wasn't that long ago.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I Hope This is Settled...

...but I'm sure it's not.

In a recent interview with Raymond Arroyo, Cardinal Arinze stated in no uncertain terms that the Rainbow Sash protesters should not be given communion. Furthermore, the Cardinal pointed out that it is ridiculous to expect that politicians should be allowed to promote the murder of unborn children and then turn around on Sunday and say to the Priest, "I want to receive Jesus."

Cardinal Ratzinger said as much in June of 2004. I fail to see how so many members of the clergy can ignore clear interpretations of Catholic doctrine from such high authorities.

The answer is no. No communion for any of you. And in case some of you Senators and Congressmen forgot who you are, here's a list with your picture on it. If you see yourself on the list, do not go to communion. If you're not sure why you're on the list, you can find the reasons here.

Priests, Bishops and Arch Bishops, keep this list handy. Review the list prior to Mass. Post this list in the reception area of your office (similar to the FBI's most wanted list in the post office). Most importantly, if you see any of these Catholic impersonators (either politician or Rainbow Sash variety) approaching you in Church as if they wish to receive the Eucharist, please do not encourage their delusions by giving them holy communion.

I don't know what more Vatican officials can do to get their point across other than the threat of excommunication. I don't think that will happen but it's not like it hasn't happened before.

Iraqis Turn the Tables on the Insurgents

AM - Iraqi insurgents resume deadly attacks: "We understand that last night the insurgents came back to punish the people of al-Mudhariya, but instead of metering out that punishment the villagers fought back and they killed five of the insurgents and wounded eight. They then burnt the insurgents' car. So the people of that village have certainly had enough of the insurgents."

I'm sure the Iraqis want the American troops to go home (we all want the troops to go home) but not before the insurgents are driven out of the country and Iraq can govern itself.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Gov. Moonbeam

People of Earth take note! Governor Moonbeam has entered the blogosphere!

Although I don't wish to discount the value of voluntary simplicity or ecological living, I do think Mr. Brown is, for the most part, out of his gourd.

You can check out his "We The People" organization here if you like.

MEMRI: Latest News

As promised (before I was rudely interrupted by the "blue screen of death"), I have linked to Zarqawi's comments on America and democracy here. Whether you are liberal or conservative I strongly suggest reading them. It provides a great insight into his perception of democracy and why he and his followers hate it and America.

My impression of his statements is that his hatred of democracy stems from the religious and social freedoms that it provides to each individual citizen. However, his hatred is amplified by an outright loathing of the liberal ideal of society and democracy in America.

I also got the impression that he was a crazed fundamentalist zealot but I think that was obvious before reading his comments.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, my computer lives! I think I've got the video issues sorted out, I've installed Mozilla Firefox, e-mail is working. So far so good.

(*Due to my considerable ignorance regarding linux, all of this could go terribly wrong at any moment.)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Blogging will be light since yesterday evening went something like this.

UPDATE: I decided to try Linux because I'm cheap and I'm tired of problems with Windows. I guess I also got a little cocky about firing Bill Gates!. So far it's not working. There's a problem between the video card and the monitor. Hopefully I'll have it sorted out over the weekend (fingers crossed).

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq Votes

According to early estimates, about 8 million Iraqis cast votes in the first free election in that country in 50 years. That is about a 60% turnout. To put that into perspective, voter turnout for our own presidential election held in November of last year was also about 60%. To be fair, one must also consider the fact that no one was threatening to kill American voters if they went to the polls. No matter what happens in Iraq after today, no one can honestly say that Iraq does not believe in democracy.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

An Iraqi Patriot

Ali is going to vote for the first time in his life tomorrow. In doing so, he will risk that same life. How much we take for granted in this country. Ask yourself if you are willing to risk your life for freedom. Are you willing to die so that others may be free? I was moved by his courage and left the following comment.

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet" -Abraham Lincoln
As true today as it was back then. Know that millions of Americans will be praying for you, your family and your country tomorrow, and for years to come.

A’'ash Al Iraq.
It is so encouraging to hear the enthusiasm and hope of the Iraqi people towards their budding government. It certainly is better than the drone of, "No WMD's" and "No War for Oil" that is the mind numbing chant of the left and the MSM in this country. Someone tell me how Saddam remaining in power is better than Ali and his countrymen getting to vote.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

March for Life

I thought this article written by Ronald Reagan would be an appropriate reflection following the March for Life this weekend in D.C. Bear in mind, this was written in 1983 and some of the statistics are dated. The sentence that reads:

"...since 1973, more than 15 million unborn children have had their lives snuffed out by legalized abortions. That is over ten times the number of Americans lost in all our nation's wars."

should now read as follows:

"...since 1973, more than 46 MILLION unborn children have had their lives snuffed out by legalized abortions. That is over THIRTY times the number of Americans lost in all our nation's wars."

I pray that the legalized torture and murder of unborn children will end soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Johnny Carson, 1925 - 2005

If you aren't old enough to have seen and appreciated the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, you are probably better off. This way, you won't know what you missed. Kind of like if you had never eaten ice cream, you wouldn't really miss it if it was gone forever, but if you had eaten ice cream...

Rest in peace, Johnny.

A Fresh Quote from Antonin Scalia

"Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world."

-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia addressing the Knights of Columbus in Baton Rouge, LA, 1/22/05.

Before some ignorant liberal latches on to the word "fools" let me point out that Justice Scalia is making a biblical reference (I Cor. 4:10). He is in no way suggesting that we blindly follow anything.

How Nerdy are You

I think using Mozilla Firefox put me over the 50% mark. How nerdy are you?

I am nerdier than 51% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Baptism Day

I was baptized on this day in 1971. I'm glad my wife remembered and bought me a cookie cake to celebrate, otherwise I might have forgotten again. I've been meaning to take note of the day for a couple of years now but somehow the day went by without notice. I guess old habits die hard. For any Christian, the day you are baptized is the day you recieve true life, and thus worth celebrating. I'm going to mark the occasion by renewing my baptismal vows in front of the blessed sacrament tonight.

More Links

Updated links in the side bar. Any suggestions for others?

Conservative Thoughts

I ran across a pretty funny post at "Conservative Thoughts." So funny, I had to post a link.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' And Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because it is right." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I thought this quote was very appropriate considering my previous post and the fact that today is Martin Luther King day.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Why is Abortion My #1 Issue?

For some reason, I've been wandering into posts on abortion on several liberal blogs that I check from time to time. I've left some comments, but I felt I should write something explaining my own pro-life position on my own blog. I can't think of anything that explains my outright hatred of abortion more than an article I just found through a friends blog. I had to fight back tears as I read this and thought of my innocent little 7 month old daughter. If you are pro-life and you feel uneasy reading about what goes on in an abortion clinic, please do not read this article or any of the links on this post. If you are pro-abortion or pro-choice or whatever you choose to call yourself, you owe it to yourself to read about what you are supporting.

Liberals, it doesn't matter how much you support world peace, famine relief, multiculturalism, the environment, the poor, the sick, the whales or the trees. If you just finished reading what happens in an abortion clinic and you still support abortion, there is something seriously wrong with you. How can you possibly condone this in good conscience? Seek help because you are truly a psychopath.

I am absolutely certain that years from now, history will show that abortion was the greatest atrocity mankind has ever perpetrated upon itself. No war, no ten wars could ever be as horrible as a mother killing her own child.

Friday, January 14, 2005

A 5-2 Basketball game?

This is an interesting story even if you have little or no interest in basketball. It seems that the lack of a shot clock in boys high school basketball can make for some interesting strategy. It also makes a pretty dull game.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Reminder: George Weigel @ St. Pius X on Friday

St. Pius X Parish Is Proud to Welcome
Renowned Author and ScholarGeorge Weigel
Who Will be Speaking on: "The Achievement of John Paul II"

George Weigel is a Roman Catholic theologian and one of America's leading commentators on issues of religion and public life. He is most known for being the author of Witness to Hope, the definitive biography of Pope John Paul II. Some of his other books include The Truth of Catholicism, The Courage to Be Catholic and Letters to a Young Catholic. In addition to his books, Weigel has contributed essays, op-ed columns, and reviews to the major opinion journals and newspapers in the United States. He has appeared on numerous network television, cable television, and radio discussion programs, and is a consultant on Vatican affairs for NBC News. His weekly column, "The Catholic Difference," is syndicated to sixty newspapers around the United States. Both his scholarly work and his journalism have been translated into a variety of western languages.

Date and Time: Friday, January 14, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.
Place: St. Pius Elementary School Auditorium
205 East Bayou ParkwayLafayette, LA 70508

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

congrats usc...

Now that I have absolutely no case to deny USC the respect they deserve, I must grudgingly admit that the Trojans have actually earned the national championship this year (although they are not defending champions any more than Al Gore was the incumbent in the 2004 election). Their defense was great, their offense was outstanding and they had the Orange Bowl won in the first half. What a colossal a** kicking.

I think the thing that makes USC so dangerous is that passing plays for 30, 40, 50 yards or more are not reserved for desperate situations in the second half of the game. They are the as common as handing the ball to a running back. It's also a high percentage play for this team. This forces the defense to cover every inch of the field on every down. With a quarterback and receivers of this caliber, the Trojans are in the red zone as soon as the offense takes the field.

And Matt Leinart looked like more like he was playing catch in the park than playing in a championship game. He almost looked bored, or stoned, or something. Of course it's easy to be relaxed when you're up 38-10 at half time.

There are only a couple of rocks I can throw at USC's performance. The first is that a good chunk of their points came from ridiculous OU turnovers. Not that it matters much. The way USC plays, moving the ball another 50 yards down the field would only mean 3 or 4 more plays and a minute or so off the clock. The second is that the Trojans have a serious lack of class on the field. When you've got the game in the bag, you don't rub it in by racking up two excessive celebration penalties in the end zone, even if you can afford it. You also don't get all pissy and spike the ball in the end zone after you're dropped for a safety. Other than that, a pretty flawless game by USC.

My biggest complaint about this game is that Auburn was not in it. I feel a playoff rant coming on but it's late and I'm tired so it will have to wait.

Congratulations USC.


Auburn defeats Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl and goes 13-0 for the first time in the school's history. Congratulations to the Tigers.

Auburn left the Hokies more oportunities than they should have and they didn't capitalize on the numerous trips they made inside the Hokies 10 yard line. It wasn't the 28-0 (or better) blowout I was hoping for but it was a victory none the less.

One game left. The future seems so dull without college football.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Last Second Bowl Victories

There is nothing like winning a nail biter in the last seconds of the game. Yesterday, it was the Liberty Bowl. Today, the Rose Bowl. Michigan was on fire in this game but Texas came from behind to pull off the win with a field goal in the last 2 seconds of the game. The Longhorns went nuts.

I know that feeling because I went nuts myself when my LSU Tigers scored a touchdown with less than 1 minute to go to take the lead in the Capitol One Bowl against Iowa. But as Lee Corso would say, "not so fast my friend!" With 14 seconds left, Iowa quarterback Drew Tate connects with Warren Holloway on a sick 56 yard bomb for the game winning TD. Un-freakin'-believable. The sweeter the last second victory, the more bitter the last second loss. I could not believe it.

Hours later, I've managed to scrape together a little objectivity and the loss is actually quite believable. LSU looked lost for the first 3 quarters of the game. They went through 3 quarterbacks before settling on JaMarcus Russell. One also has to wonder whether Nick Saban's mind has been focused on Orlando or Miami for the past couple of weeks. The Tigers have been hit and miss all year and even if they had won tonight it would have been one of those ugly wins where you just feel lucky you didn't lose. It reminded me of their season opener against Oregon State where they just couldn't get going in the first half. They ended up winning in overtime because Alexis Serna choked so badly on so many PAT's they had to give him a tracheotomy after the game.

But the let downs don't end with LSU. The SEC isn't living up to my expectations (or my trash talk, a little help guys). I can understand Florida's loss to Miami, but Alabama loosing to Minnesota? How humiliating. I mean, their mascot is a gopher. A GOPHER! Are there no more ferocious animals in the state of Minnesota, or Oregon (Beavers and Ducks) for that matter? The only thing more strange than how a college can have a rodent for a mascot is how Alabama managed to score 16 points in this game while going 0-13 on 3rd and 4th down conversions. At least Tennessee and Georgia managed to take care of business. Let's hope Auburn can do the same, otherwise I'll be eating crow.

Of course, being Cajun, I happen to have a good recipe for crow which renders that whole metaphor somewhat meaningless down here.