Saturday, March 12, 2005

Killing Terri

Euthanasia fans, gather round. I thought you might like to see the person you are all so enthusiastic about killing. Her name is Terri Schiavo (link is Real Player video). As you can see, she is not in some sort of permanent, non-responsive coma. She is not battling some rare form of cancer that leaves her in a constant state of intense pain. She is wide awake and seems to recognize her mother. There are other video clips at if you care to take a look.

Oh, and before you get all sympathetic for her loving husband who has to care for her (you know, the one that wants her to die of starvation), you might want to take a look at his background. You might also want to ask him a few questions. I'd like to know why he would turn down $1mil to simply walk away and let Terri live. Has this turned into a hostage negotiation?

The MSM won't talk about Michael Schiavo's vested interest in his wife's death. It's all about the right to die. The reality is that this is a decade long murder plot.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for Terri and her family, but there is no denying the fact that she is a living breathing human being. People are not utilitarian objects to be destroyed once they have outlived their usefulness. If we take that view then there is nothing stopping mothers from killing their own childre...

Oh, I guess we are there already. But at least it's only the unborn ones that are being kille...

Oh. Born ones too?

In that case, welcome to Utilitopia. Pray you don't get sick.

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