Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sample Ballot

If you're voting in the State of Louisiana you can take a look at a sample ballot for your parish, ward and precinct online.

If you're voting in the 9th ward in New Orleans don't bother with the sample ballot. An ACORN rep. will pick you up and tell you which levers to pull at each of the 6 precincts in which they have registered you. Only after you have voted in ALL of the precincts will you receive the 40 oz can of malt liquor you were promised. Be careful wandering back to the park.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There IS a Bigger Issue Than Abortion in this Election! least that's what one guy over at Conservatives for Change is telling me (Hat tip to Southern Appeal).

Mr. "Pro-Life" explaining why he is voting for Obama, "We need to... come together on these BIGGER ISSUES."

A self proclaimed religious, pro-life conservative son of a Pastor has discovered BIGGER ISSUES than abortion in this election!?

OMG!!! Am I the only one who doesn't know what these BIGGER ISSUES are!!!

Has John McCain vowed to shave his head and end all life on the planet in a "nookyewler" blaze of glory while stroking a hairless cat inside of his secret volcanic lair?

Is there a new, highly contagious disease that will turn us all into blood thirsty zombies and only a vaccine made from Obama's blood will cure us?

Is there a worldwide food distribution problem that will cause planetary starvation unless we quickly elect the most skilled community organizer the world has ever seen?

Just where the heck has the media been on these BIGGER ISSUES!? I mean, I've heard Wall Street is tanking but I don't think millions of people were murdered because of it, so that can't be the BIGGER ISSUE. I also heard something about Obama having a health care plan so I guess we'll all get free flu shots and lortab. That can't the BIGGER ISSUE.

I am sooooo angry with our media elite and their hidden agendas. How dare they leave me in the dark on these BIGGER ISSUES!

Mr. Pro-life, please enlighten us all by leaving a comment explaining these BIGGER ISSUES. Especially if there is an asteroid rapidly approaching earth and only HOPE and CHANGE can stop it!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I ran across more garbage about how we should all embrace intrinsic evil so we can get discounted prescription drugs and a tax break. Since so many people (including so called Catholic scholars) still seem confused on this issue, I'll put this in terms that liberals can understand:

Calling yourself Catholic and pro-life and then supporting the rights of unborn children by voting for Obama is like calling yourself a vegan PETA member and supporting animal rights by sponsoring an all you can eat pork BBQ charity dinner and a dog fighting contest with a fur coat door prize. Proceeds go to protecting the rights of swine, pit bulls and chinchillas.

Absurd articles like this are metastasizing like stage 5 cancer. It's so bad that I am now becoming more worried about the Catholic Church losing its identity in America than I am about the election or the economy. The Catholic Church is truly under attack. If you think I'm overreacting, let me give you another example.

The following video was put out by a group calling themselves "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good"

Doesn't really seem all that threatening until you realize that a large portion of the funding for the video came from George Soros. Do you think Bobby Jindal knows that this site is using his image (among all the others) to add legitimacy to an anti-Catholic position in support of Obama? Can he sue over this? Let's take a closer look at the video.

First of all, the pretty background music is John Lennon's atheist anthem, "Imagine". As in, "Imagine there's no heaven" and "Imagine there's no religion". I guess they wanted it to sound more acceptable so they had it chanted by fake monks.

Second, the anti-abortion protesters at the beginning of the video are referred to as, "Them." Them??? Really??? Wouldn't the correct term be, "Us"?

Now I admit that these first two issues may seem a bit trivial, but they definitely set the tone. The bigger problem is that when you follow the link at the end of the video, you will be bombarded with a pile of liberal talking points attempting to convince you that right to life issues should take a back seat to social issues in this election. That is not a Catholic message. That is a liberal message.

The positions taken by these people are not at all Catholic positions and I question whether any of the people involved with this group are even Catholic. There seems to be a deliberate attempt on the part of far left liberals to subvert the very definition of Catholicism away from the Church. What is worse is that there are people within the clergy who are sympathetic to this position. All of this manufactured controversy gives the appearance of legitimacy to these liberal positions and provides an excuse for cafeteria Catholics to vote for intrinsic evil.

Presidential election not withstanding, I think we are rapidly coming to a point in this debacle where Nicholas P. Cafardi, M. Cathleen Kaveny, Douglas W. Kmiec, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and many others need to be told in no uncertain terms that they are not in communion with Catholic teaching on this issue. Given the fact that several clergy members (including B16) have already established the primacy of right to life issues on numerous occasions, I think the Church's only remaining recourse is to excommunicate the people mentioned above at the rate of one each week, starting with Nancy Pelosi since she has already been reprimanded by name by the USCCB and remains unrepentant to this day. I realize how extreme this sounds, but I see no other way for the Church to demonstrate its authority on the matter and regain control of a situation that is now spinning out of control and will continue to do so long after this election if it is not dealt with swiftly.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote for LIFE!

This video has been posted on numerous blogs already but the message bears repeating.

Choose LIFE this election.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tigers Hold on to Defeat the Gamecocks

In a literal sense this would not be much of a contest...

If you're talking college football however, the odds get a little more even. It wasn't the impressive margin of victory seen in some other games tonight but it is a W. BCS rankings come out tomorrow. That should be interesting as always.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ignorant Voters Speak Out

I normally can't stand Howard Stern but he scored points with me with this one. He sent a correspondent into Harlem to question potential voters. All of them agreed with McCain's positions on every issue, as long as those positions were presented as Obama's. Hear for yourself...

My favorite: "[McCain] sort of...ummm...sounds like he's ummmm...uneducated."

Remember, these people have the same degree of control over who runs this country as you or I do. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FIREPROOF (Go see this movie now!)

My wife and I rarely (very, very rarely) go out to see movies anymore. It seems every movie you watch these days must have some kind of obligatory sex scene or adultery or other crap that contradicts the inherent beauty in the sacrament of marriage. The underlying message in most of these films (or at least these scenes in the film) is that the successful manipulation of others for your own self interest is the benchmark of success. Christ obviously sets a much different, much higher standard for us to follow. Anyway, the opportunity arose this past Friday for us to go to the movies, so we decided to support a movie with a Christian theme. We went to see Fireproof with Kirk Cameron.

I must admit I had fairly low expectations going into the show. I figured we'd be the only couple in the place and the movie wouldn't be that great but at least I would have supported something positive that I believe in. I could not have been more wrong. The theater was absolutely packed (and the show has already been out for at least a couple of weeks now) and it was packed for good reason. This movie was GREAT! The message was positive and so much different from what we're used to seeing on the big screen. A movie about two real people with real flaws discovering the TRUE meaning of love and marriage. What an awesome message! Not to mention the fact that there were several scenes that made everyone in the theater laugh out loud.

I can't say enough good things about this film. I strongly encourage everyone reading this to go and see the movie for yourself.

Monday, October 13, 2008

LSU-21 Florida-51

If you didn't watch the LSU Florida game you missed one helluva beat down. The LSU team that beat the Auburn Tigers didn't show up. Unfortunately for LSU, the Florida team that lost to Ole Miss didn't show up either. The result was a 51 to 21 butt kicking, after which Urban Meyer handed Les Miles his hat with his head still in it!

I've seen a lot of folks throwing Jarrett Lee under the bus. The fact is he managed to put 21 points on the board against an excellent opponent as a red shirt freshman. Matt Flynn only scored 28 in last year's game against Florida and Matt Mauck managed a measly 7 points in a losing effort in 2003, both of LSU's championship years. If anyone out there thinks there is an offense in all of college football that could have scored over 51 points against Florida to overcome such an unbelievable deficit, please hit me in the combox 'cause I'd love to hear your story. Jarrett Lee may have some issues to overcome, but this game was lost on defense IMHO.

I'm hoping LSU can win out the rest of the season and have a shot at redemption in the SEC Championship game. We'll see.

Friday, October 03, 2008

A Simplified Illustration of the Bailout

I received this via e-mail today. It captures my feelings nicely.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Beer Label Quiz

This was a fun distraction after tonight's debate.

Name That Beer Label

I only missed one. Do you know your beer?

Gov. Palin Debates Obscure Senator

Is it just me or was this debate Hyped 1000 times more than any other VP debate has ever been hyped in the history of VP debates? Ordinarily no one in the media would give a bucket of spit about what any VP had to say about anything, EVER. But, since Gov. Palin is perceived as the weak link in the McCain campaign...Voila! The fate of the free world now hinges on whether or not Gov. Palin becomes the VP. The Presidential candidates (umm...what's-his-face and that other guy)? Oh they really don't matter. It's ALL about "The Palin".

For what it's worth I think Palin & Biden both did well in the debate (political positions aside). I think all the liberals who were hoping Palin would choke were sorely disappointed this evening.

Life issues were notably absent from the debate. I don't think we would have learned anything new by asking the question but it would have been nice to hear from the candidates on such an important issue.

You can read a transcript of the debate here.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kmiec: Judas Nova

I found this NCR article via the Opinionated Catholic. A concise excerpt:
Kmiec predicted, “relations between Benedict XVI and the Holy See under an Obama administration would be very, very positive.”
Not a shocking prediction. Judas also enjoyed very, very positive relations with Christ for quite some time. Need more?
Obama, he said, represents the view that “the way forward is not debates over law or philosophy, but extending a hand of compassion” to women dealing with unexpected or unwanted pregnancies.
A hand of compassion...tightly clenched around a pair of long, sharp scissors, anxiously waiting to be stabbed into the skull of a partially born infant who's brains will be sucked out through a tube and who's lifeless little body will be unceremoniously tossed into a pile of medical waste along with millions of his/her brothers and sisters. Oh yes Doug! Praise be unto our lord and savior, Barack Obama the most merciful!

I truly hope Doug Kmiec comes to his senses and changes his position on Obama. If not, I hope he enjoys his 30 pieces of silver.