Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kmiec: Judas Nova

I found this NCR article via the Opinionated Catholic. A concise excerpt:
Kmiec predicted, “relations between Benedict XVI and the Holy See under an Obama administration would be very, very positive.”
Not a shocking prediction. Judas also enjoyed very, very positive relations with Christ for quite some time. Need more?
Obama, he said, represents the view that “the way forward is not debates over law or philosophy, but extending a hand of compassion” to women dealing with unexpected or unwanted pregnancies.
A hand of compassion...tightly clenched around a pair of long, sharp scissors, anxiously waiting to be stabbed into the skull of a partially born infant who's brains will be sucked out through a tube and who's lifeless little body will be unceremoniously tossed into a pile of medical waste along with millions of his/her brothers and sisters. Oh yes Doug! Praise be unto our lord and savior, Barack Obama the most merciful!

I truly hope Doug Kmiec comes to his senses and changes his position on Obama. If not, I hope he enjoys his 30 pieces of silver.

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