Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gov. Palin Debates Obscure Senator

Is it just me or was this debate Hyped 1000 times more than any other VP debate has ever been hyped in the history of VP debates? Ordinarily no one in the media would give a bucket of spit about what any VP had to say about anything, EVER. But, since Gov. Palin is perceived as the weak link in the McCain campaign...Voila! The fate of the free world now hinges on whether or not Gov. Palin becomes the VP. The Presidential candidates (umm...what's-his-face and that other guy)? Oh they really don't matter. It's ALL about "The Palin".

For what it's worth I think Palin & Biden both did well in the debate (political positions aside). I think all the liberals who were hoping Palin would choke were sorely disappointed this evening.

Life issues were notably absent from the debate. I don't think we would have learned anything new by asking the question but it would have been nice to hear from the candidates on such an important issue.

You can read a transcript of the debate here.

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