Monday, October 13, 2008

LSU-21 Florida-51

If you didn't watch the LSU Florida game you missed one helluva beat down. The LSU team that beat the Auburn Tigers didn't show up. Unfortunately for LSU, the Florida team that lost to Ole Miss didn't show up either. The result was a 51 to 21 butt kicking, after which Urban Meyer handed Les Miles his hat with his head still in it!

I've seen a lot of folks throwing Jarrett Lee under the bus. The fact is he managed to put 21 points on the board against an excellent opponent as a red shirt freshman. Matt Flynn only scored 28 in last year's game against Florida and Matt Mauck managed a measly 7 points in a losing effort in 2003, both of LSU's championship years. If anyone out there thinks there is an offense in all of college football that could have scored over 51 points against Florida to overcome such an unbelievable deficit, please hit me in the combox 'cause I'd love to hear your story. Jarrett Lee may have some issues to overcome, but this game was lost on defense IMHO.

I'm hoping LSU can win out the rest of the season and have a shot at redemption in the SEC Championship game. We'll see.

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