Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There IS a Bigger Issue Than Abortion in this Election! least that's what one guy over at Conservatives for Change is telling me (Hat tip to Southern Appeal).

Mr. "Pro-Life" explaining why he is voting for Obama, "We need to... come together on these BIGGER ISSUES."

A self proclaimed religious, pro-life conservative son of a Pastor has discovered BIGGER ISSUES than abortion in this election!?

OMG!!! Am I the only one who doesn't know what these BIGGER ISSUES are!!!

Has John McCain vowed to shave his head and end all life on the planet in a "nookyewler" blaze of glory while stroking a hairless cat inside of his secret volcanic lair?

Is there a new, highly contagious disease that will turn us all into blood thirsty zombies and only a vaccine made from Obama's blood will cure us?

Is there a worldwide food distribution problem that will cause planetary starvation unless we quickly elect the most skilled community organizer the world has ever seen?

Just where the heck has the media been on these BIGGER ISSUES!? I mean, I've heard Wall Street is tanking but I don't think millions of people were murdered because of it, so that can't be the BIGGER ISSUE. I also heard something about Obama having a health care plan so I guess we'll all get free flu shots and lortab. That can't the BIGGER ISSUE.

I am sooooo angry with our media elite and their hidden agendas. How dare they leave me in the dark on these BIGGER ISSUES!

Mr. Pro-life, please enlighten us all by leaving a comment explaining these BIGGER ISSUES. Especially if there is an asteroid rapidly approaching earth and only HOPE and CHANGE can stop it!!!!


Ernesto said...

Please consider posting this video and passing it along, it’s amazing. It’s great at showing the distinction between MaCain and Obama in regards to the abortion issue. Please pass this along to everyone you know. We have to get McCain elected… E

“Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”
Ronald Reagan

vanckirby said...

seems like they are really dealing with the issues!