Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sample Ballot

If you're voting in the State of Louisiana you can take a look at a sample ballot for your parish, ward and precinct online.

If you're voting in the 9th ward in New Orleans don't bother with the sample ballot. An ACORN rep. will pick you up and tell you which levers to pull at each of the 6 precincts in which they have registered you. Only after you have voted in ALL of the precincts will you receive the 40 oz can of malt liquor you were promised. Be careful wandering back to the park.

1 comment:

Nick said...


ACORN has registered 140 voters who listed the address of the Acadiana Outreach center as their residence. Acadiana Outreach does not allow anyone to live or even sleep at their building.

Oh, but a former ACORN worker is in Lafayette, apparently now working for Acadiana Outreach.

Don't you feel better, now?