Monday, October 04, 2004

Presidential Debate Analysis

George Bush's debate performance met all of my expectations. It was awful. Truly painful to watch. Just as I expected. I'm still voting for W, but honestly, it's not because of his oratory skills. It’s because I value W’s support of conservative principles more than I value his ability to communicate them.

However, John Kerry is one smart politician. He positioned himself as close to W as he could get while remaining slightly to the left. Once the ideological lines were blurred, Kerry was free to score big points by debating rings around Bush. Kerry’s position on almost every issue can be summed up as follows:

"I would have done the same thing as the president, except I would have done it without making any sacrifices whatsoever and would have provided the same if not better results. Oh, and we would have no enemies in the world, only friends. Kumbaya."

Kerry seems to be banking on the fact that the majority of the vacuous, "undecided" voters will be swayed by his use of what I call the "bug zapper" technique. If you have ever seen flying insects attracted to their doom by one of these devices, then you know the type of mesmerizing power certain attractive forces can have over weak minds. It’s similar to the force that compels people to forward chain e-mails to all of their friends and co-workers in the hope that Bill Gates will send them $50 for helping him test his “e-mail tracking system”. On some level, a person must sense that this is stupid, but the promise of something for nothing is too much to resist.

Hence, John Kerry is kicking on his political UV light by saying he’ll bring peace to the world, he’ll bring all of our troops home safely in 6 months, we’ll still win the war on terror, all of the world will love us, free health care for all, everyone will get a raise, in short, all of your wildest dreams can come true if you will just vote for John Kerry (I can hear the swarms of clueless undecideds buzzing already).

This trick is also great for Kerry because it raises the expectations of his supporters to an unattainable level. If Bush gets elected then they’ll all spend the next 4 years lamenting over how good life could have been in Kerry’s utopia. What happens if Kerry gets elected you ask? Well…

If you listen closely, you’ll hear Kerry use phrases like, “If we do it my way”, or “If we follow my plan”. He’s setting the stage for his escape from his own BS promises. He knows he can’t deliver all of this stuff. These are CYA code words to fall back on when he doesn’t deliver. And who will be blamed for this failed utopian state? The republicans of course! Thus perpetuating the blind hatred of all things conservative by the secular barbarians.

I’m voting for W. I urge you to do the same. But I must admit, I think Kerry’s team has a brilliant strategy.

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RPM said...

You need to open up and use what's remaining of your brain and ensure that this President does not get 4 more years to dump his war-mongering agenda on the poor citizens.

Ask some pointed questions like:

1. Why did we go to war with Iraq?
2. Where are the jobs?
3. What happened to the surplus we had when he came to power?
4. Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?
5. Where is Osama?
6. Why are oil prices still so high?
7. How are you going to pay for the tax cuts?
8. How many friends in the world did we start with and how many do we have remaining?

It is important to note that every friend we lose is potentially creating an enemy. At least the enemy gets stronger and more confident as we lose our friends.

Besides, we are making so many enemies day after day.

The President lied to us. He needs to be punished. You need to wake up to reality and change your thought process. Vote for the better candidate.