Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Vows to "Totally Obliterate" Iran

Sure, her threat was predicated on Iran attacking Israel first but wow! Them's some strong words. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

So I guess her plan is to dust off those old ICBM's laying around from the cold war and get some use out of them. Really? No U.N. approval? Seriously? No exhaustion of all other means of peaceable resolution? 'Cause it seems like I heard that somewhere before. No building up of a vast coalition of nations? No? She's just gonna push the button and vaporize an entire nation, eh? You know, this sounds COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what I expected her to say based on her position on the war we are currently fighting. Well, I guess that's her way of avoiding sending any more American troops overseas. Or maybe she's just after their oil.

While she's at it, she should also promise to rid the world of cancer if she were elected president. Oh yeah! She could just nuke the whole planet killing everything on earth, cancer and all. I mean, that's only if she wanted to keep her campaign promises, which is another issue entirely.

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Mike's America said...

What about all her Dem friends in Congress who have been warning President Bush not to even talk tough about Iran? Surely, they aren't going to like Hillary's threat to nuke them all!

And of course the Code Pinkos are going to go crazier than they currently are. But she owes them nothing.