Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Ducks

Not much posting lately due to the following:

1) Work has gotten much more hectic.

2) My home computer takes longer to boot up than the amount of patience I have available for booting up computers.

3) Wife is pregnant (if I need to explain this you are obviously not married and/or have no children).
Hopefully I will be able to post more soon.

I did manage to go hunting this past Sunday with some friends of mine in Pecan Island. It turned out to be one of the most successful hunts I've had in a couple of years. A total of 23 ducks taken (1 shy of a limit for the four of us). The strange thing was, almost all of the ducks were blue wing teal. Blue wings usually migrate early (like in September). I've rarely seen any blue wing teal past the first week or two into the regular season, much less double digit numbers in late December. Very strange but fun nonetheless!


vanckirby said...

a very nice brace of birds!

oldfatslow said...

Is that a black duck or
a mottle in there too?


Ragin-Cajun said...

I'm told it's a squealer (some folks call 'em Mexican squealers). It's a summer duck so I've never shot one before and only rarely even seen one (during the summer months of course). I have no idea what the real name for this type of duck is, nor do I know what the heck it was doing here in the dead of winter. I tried to look it up online but no luck. Plumage is somewhat similar to a black or mottled duck (especially zooming by at dawn). If anyone knows the technical name for this duck I'd like to know.