Friday, August 15, 2008

When to Vote Democrat

CMR's post, A Tale of Two Parties, touched on something I've been pondering for quite some time now. If abortion was off the table as a deciding issue in a presidential election, what secondary criteria would Catholics use to choose a candidate? All of a sudden, all of those social issues which have been falsely touted as "proportionate reasons" by liberal pseudo-Catholics would have to be seriously considered.

In this election, I think the choice is clear. McCain may not be the candidate that conservative Catholics wanted, but he is far better than the alternative. A president who is moderately pro-life with a running mate who is pro-abortion is still better than a president who would defend partial birth abortion until the end of time and appoint Supreme Court Justices who would do the same. Face it, if Obama were any more pro-abortion, he'd send jack booted thugs house to house exterminating children under the age of 5.

In elections to come however, things could get very interesting. A pro-abortion Republican against, who knows what kind of Democrat? All bets will be off! If the Democrats put up anyone who is even remotely qualified I will be very tempted to vote... Dem... Demoooo... Democraaaaa...

(Ew! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit).

Socially indifferent Republicans seem to think that they would more than make up for the loss of the pro-life Christian crowd by attracting the fiscally conservative pro-death crowd currently trapped in the Democrat party. I would soooo love to prove them wrong.

There are currently 64 million Catholics in the US. There were less than 124 million votes cast in the 2004 election. If all of the people who claim to be Catholic voted like Catholics, BOTH parties would be pro-life.

The John Kerrys, Ted Kennedys and Nancy Pelosis of this world will have a lot to answer for in the next. So too may the clergy members who fail to address this problem with swift and decisive action. The United States of America may be a representative democracy but the Catholic Church is not!

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