Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Blogging

Last night Gustav was expected to slowly grow to a Cat. 3 maximum by the time it made landfall. This morning when I turned on the news it was already a Cat. 3 and gaining momentum. That's enough for me, we're leaving.

We've stayed home for every Hurricane that has ever come through here without any problems until the last few years. Hurricane Lily was the worst for us, followed closely by Hurricane Rita. Debris everywhere and no power for about a week. Luckily we had little damage to our property but there were trees which had fallen on houses just blocks from our house, roofs were torn off of buildings, my neighbor lost his porch, CNN was filming our small town if that gives you any idea how bad things were. We also stayed home for Hurricane Katrina but we barely had a breeze (no rain) from that one in my part of the state.

Anyway, my wife is pregnant and nervous and so are the kids and I'm not looking forward to another week without power so we're heading to Dallas. Not because I like Dallas or have friends in Dallas mind you but because, frankly that was the closest room available. It was that or Birmingham, AL and the room in Dallas looked nicer.

I'm going to try to take some pictures along the way, I've taken some before shots of the house. Hopefully the "after" shots look very much the same. Keep us in your prayers over the next few days.


vanckirby said...

will be praying for you guys!

vanckirby said...

how did everything turn out for you? been thinking about you and your family

Ragin-Cajun said...

We made it back ok. It took a while though. Lots of traffic. I just finished replacing a small section of my roof today. I also found out that many homeowner's policies (including mine) now have a "hurricane deductable" which is substantially higher than the standard deductable, once again proving that insurance companies are not about helping YOU at all.