Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Travels

Made it back from Dallas this evening about 5:30 pm. The electricity came back on at about 5:40 pm. (not bad timing). I've got a little roof damage and lots of limbs in the yard but other than that everything looks OK. I took a few pictures of the damage around town but my camera was full before I could get everything. I'm sure it will all be cleaned up by tomorrow. I'll post the pictures I have sometime this week when I have time.

We stayed at the Sheraton in downtown Dallas along with several hundred other Louisianians who had the same idea. There were a bunch of nursing home patients on one floor. I saw a bunch of LSU gear being worn. We also had what I assume were the representatives from the 9th ward of New Orleans fighting in the lobby and screaming expletives at each other in their rooms so loud that I could hear them down the hall near the elevators. I had hoped to avoid the 9th ward thugs by staying in an expensive hotel as geographically far from New Orleans as humanly possible. Apparently the barriers to entry weren't sufficiently high. Luckily we managed to get a room away from most of the commotion but I had a coon-ass life insurance policy with me just in case (a Browning .380 auto).

I may post more on this later. Right now it's time for bed. Pray for those who were hit hard by the storm. It may be a while before they get power.

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