Sunday, August 22, 2004

College Football

WOW! Is it that time already? I just checked out and it seems the first games of the season begin next weekend! Can it be true? Is my eager anticipation causing me to hallucinate? Let the trash talk and baseless early season predictions begin!

As a fan of ESPN College Gameday and LSU, I've got to hand it to Lee Corso. As everyone was picking their favorites at the start of last season, Lee piped up and warned his fellow commentators not to count out LSU (the reigning national champions, thank you very much). Just so you know where I'm coming from on this, I'd prefer to watch almost any college football game over the superbowl!

I know I'm asking a lot, but it would be a great start to the season if USC would just lose their first game to Virginia Tech so that I won't have to hear about how the "University of Second place Cry-babies" should have been national champions last year. I've just got one thing to say to all you die hard USC fans, SCOREBOARD BABY! Your name wasn't even on it in the big game last year, so how are you going to claim victory. Just mix up a bowl of organically grown dried fruits and nuts and pour yourself a nice tall glass of SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT LOSERS!

I do have to admit that USC has a good team, but I'm so sick of the hype! The SEC has five teams (LSU, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee & Auburn) in the top 25 this year. Note to USC: beating the crap out of BYU does not make you a championship team.

Man, I can't wait!

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