Saturday, September 18, 2004

Game of the Day

Tennesee v/s Florida. If you saw this game, you know why I only watch college football. You don't get drama like that in a pro game. I've linked to the box scores but I won't give this one away here in case you get a chance to watch a replay. Games like this are the reason that Florida's average attendance last year was 90,177 and Tennesee's was 105,038 while the Miami Dolphins averaged 73,473 and the Titans even less.

The battle of the tigers (LSU v/s Auburn) wasn't as joyful. LSU's defense held Auburn to 3 points until the last minute and a half of the game but it wasn't the brick wall that won the national championship last year. Marcus Randall has not impressed me yet. JaMarcus Russell has talent but lacks experience. One of them needs to step up. We play Georgia in two weeks and I'm sure they remember getting spanked twice last year by the tigers.


RPM said...

Did not watch the game in its entirety, but I am sure it must have been heart-stopping excitement all the way. I also like college football much more than pro football. So much more excitement in every game!

RPM said...

I also posted this as a comment on my blog, but here it is anyway:

I am sorry, USC may not have played in the National Championship game, but it was not their fault. It was the fault of the Bowl Crap Series. Or is it Bowl Confusion Series?

Never mind. USC was the AP National Champion, because it was voted #1 at the end of the season. And since it did not get a chance to play the so-called National Championship game, it did not win that one. So it shared the National Championship with LSU.

From your name it seems like you are an LSU fan/supporter. Not sure if the rant is coming from the fact that you lost a pathetic game in a close contest. Sorry about that. Now you have to start the negativity, so that you can get a chance to get back in the mix. Good luck to you.

USC is the defending National Champion. You can say what you want to say, but you can't change the fact.

As for this year's BCS confusion, they have reduced the importance of the strength of schedule, which you may think is benefiting USC and the Pac-10, but seriously speaking how many Pac-10 games do you really watch? They start after your bed time, don't they?

Ragin Cajun said...

Props to USC for being the AP's champ last year. As I said, you had a great team then and still have one now. I simply prefer the objectivity of the BCS (flawed as it may be) to the subjectivity of the AP. I also don't like the fact that the BCS has become more subjective. Being AP champ is great, just not "co-champ" great. If USC wins the BCS this year, I'll be the first to congratulate you.

As far as watching PAC-10 games goes, you're right, I'm not staying up all night to watch the inevitable USC victory. I'll try to watch the Cal. game though, because that one is not so inevitable!

RPM said...

I agree, we definitely need to have a more objective methodology. But the problem is nothing is ever going to be perfect. Every year, there is going to be a school or three which won't like the system.

But by definition, there are potentially two National Champions every year. Most of the time, the two coincide, and last year they did not. So I don't mind calling USC "Co-National Champ", but LSU is certainly not "THE" Champ.

In any case, removing strength of schedule this year is actually a bad thing for USC because I believe they do have a tougher schedule this year.