Sunday, September 12, 2004

PETA Fights for Chicken Rights

Talk about misplaced sympathy. Read this attack ad on KFC targeted towards children and tell me these people are not delusional. Chickens are our “friends?” Chicken “moms” will “love” their chicks and “teach them all about life?” Chickens apparently suffer from claustrophobia too. There are so many crazy statements in this thing it’s hard to find a starting point. They make it sound like these chickens lie awake at night wondering how the economy will affect their kids’ future. I can just see the chicken mommy and daddy sitting at the dinner table discussing how much they should donate to the Sierra Club this year.

Give me a break! I’ve lived on a farm with chickens. Whoever wrote this does not know a thing about the social skills of chickens. That’s OK though because there’s not much to know. They make noise, lay eggs, peck the ground and have no problem eating their own crap!

This article is meant to imply (to impressionable children) that animals and humans are of equal importance. No. That is wrong. Humans are superior to animals. I can’t believe there are people who need to have this explained to them.

What really burns me up is these people humanizing chickens to gain sympathy for their cause when there are real humans in this country who desperately need help. If you want to refrain from eating meat for whatever reason, I have no problem with that. But don’t even think about asking me to do the same when Americans are killing over 1 million real, HUMAN babies every year in abortion clinics throughout this country. I’d go vegan today if it would somehow bring about an end to abortion.

I can honestly appreciate the abundance of compassion for innocent animals, but please collectively pull your craniums from your rectums and get your priorities straight. Human rights are, and shall always be, superior to animal rights.

Bottom line: chickens are food, not soylent green.


RPM said...

Would you like it if your mouth is gagged (so you can't protest) by a superior being and they put you in compartments like they do chicken, and kill you and make you their food? Let's switch it and see if you are ok if they do the same in front of your eyes to your family - mom, dad, everyone. Are you still ok with it?

Ragin Cajun said...

If I were an Iraqi citizen under the rule of Saddam Hussein, I would pray to God that someone would come to my aid by ousting the sadistic madman torturing and killing me and my family.

If I were a chicken, my purpose on earth would be to provide nourishment for mankind. Lucky for me, my chicken brain wouldn’t have the mental capacity necessary to contemplate concepts of family or free speech or my purpose on earth. So I guess I wouldn’t be OK with it or not OK with it. I’d just be a chicken.

Anonymous said...

how the hell do you know the mental capacity of a chicken? PETA has facts to back up their actions (though they may be extreme) but the bottom line is chickens do feel pain etc just like humans do. You are basing everything on your opinion. Why dont you get some facts and then make an arguement? ..oh and i guess your blog isn't idiot proof, cuz you're writing on it.