Friday, December 10, 2004

"Don't Listen to Your Conscience," Says Pope

The Pope has declared that the Catholic laity must follow authoritative church teachings. Translation: All that crap about one's own conscience being the measure of morality flies right out the window when one considers the fact that the vast majority of Catholics in the US have consciences that are formed in front of the secular monstrance (television). As a Catholic, your conscience is only useful if it has been properly formed by the study of solid Catholic teachings. The Pope is in essence saying, "America, your conscience no longer functions properly. Here, use mine." 90% of Catholics are lost like geese in a fog. If the US bishops don't present a unified message to American Catholics, most of the laity will continue to seek the path of least resistance by adopting the most liberal (and heretical) interpretations they can find.


Ian McGibboney said...

That headline of yours sounds like you're about to dive into an anti-Catholic screed. Your faith is your own business, but why is it so wrong to question something instead of blindly following it?

Ragin Cajun said...

It is not wrong to ask questions. An unquestioned faith is no faith at all. I think people should question their faith. The problem is that people DON'T question their faith. It's much easier to give up one's faith than it is to study the theological reasons for the church's position on controversial issues. This is especially when the answer is unpopular, or contradicts our personal beliefs, or means we'll have to perform/refrain from some activity. Ignorance is bliss and too many people choose to be ignorant at the expense of the Catholic Church and society as a whole.

Please ask lots of questions and encourage everyone you know to do so as well. All I ask is that the questions not be rhetorical.