Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Iran's Space Program - Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Lets take a look at this. They are developing nuclear technology as a source of energy. I find this odd since they have more oil than they could ever use. Now they are launching missiles into space under the guise of developing communications satellites or some such nonsense. Gimme a break! You want a communications satellite? Buy one from France! They'll launch it for you and everything! There is no R&D required here, just hand over some oil money and you're done. But they're not doing that. Hmmm. Nuclear power... Missiles in space... What could they be up to?

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RPM said...

The US has established that it is cool to democratize a nation. Some day it will have to face the reality that there are other countries who are in a position to democratize. Or worse, some other countries afraid of being democratized.