Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Saban Looking to Leave LSU?

Nick Saban always seems to be on everyone's short list for filling coaching vacancies. Thus far, he's remained at LSU. However, I hear that there is more to this story than rumors. Saban recently met with the Miami Dolphins (upon their invitation) to discuss their coaching vacancy. When you consider the fact that Saban is the highest paid coach in college football (as the result of last year's BCS Championship and certain stipulations in his contract), you can logically conclude that this is not an attempt to hype himself and boost his salary. If he's meeting with Miami, he's genuinely interested.

The unofficial rumors I'm hearing are that Miami has offered $4 mil per year (I think he's making $2.5 mil per year now, not sure) and virtually complete control of the team. I've also heard that Nick is asking for $6 mil per year, but that figure is negotiable. Control of the team is the clincher.

Unofficial rumor # 2 is that Butch Davis (Cleveland Browns) may replace Saban if all of this conjecture comes to pass.

I guess Nick has to ask himself, "Do I want to continue to be the head coach of one of the best college football teams in the nation, or do I want to take my chances in Miami?"

Personally, I think pro football is crap, but I'll save that rant for another post.

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The Manning Report said...

He'll stick around a couple of more years until another team gives him complete control, even if Saban went down there, it would be years before they got to the playoffs in a divsion of Patriots, Jets, and Bills.