Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Business Wire Reports,
"...the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Judge Jeffrey S. White ruled in favor of the Alliance of Catholic Health Care and a host of co-defendants and intervenors and rejected a constitutional challenge by the State of California to the Hyde-Weldon Amendment, a federal law which protects hospitals and health care workers from being forced to perform abortions."
Score one for the Alliance of Catholic Health Care et. al. and practicing Catholics in California!

I guess "pro-choice" only applies if you choose to murder babies. If you choose NOT to murder babies, the state of California will try to FORCE you to do so. If you still refuse, they will drag you to U.S. District Court. These "pro-choice" folks REALLY seem to want to limit your choices. Think about this for a minute, actually being FORCED to kill a baby against your will. You can't even find that sort of thing in the worst horror movie you could imagine! Being FORCED to KILL CHILDREN!!!

Is it not ironic that a group of people who claim to be "pro-choice" would fight to the ends of the earth to try to make sure that practicing Catholics are DENIED their ability to CHOOSE not to murder babies! Is this not diametrically opposed to the entire concept of CHOICE! Is there a so-called pro-choice person on the face of the planet who cares to debate this issue with me!?

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