Saturday, November 13, 2004

Auburn #1

Why is Auburn ranked third? Why are the sports pundits talking about how Auburn should probably be ranked second? Why are the AP voters still pimping USC? The Auburn Tigers should be first in my book, and since the BCS is more subjective these days, my book is as good or better than any other, and at least as good as the BCS.

I'm looking at the schedules of USC, Auburn and Oklahoma. If you'll notice, USC has played two top 25 teams this year (Virginia Tech & California), while Oklahoma has played 3 (Texas, Texas A&M, & Oklahoma State), and Auburn has played 3 (Georgia, Tennessee, & LSU) and will play a fourth in the SEC championship game. If you consider these teams strength of schedule, I think the rankings are backwards. Auburn is #1, Oklahoma is #2, and USC is #3. For those of you who would point to USC's domination of most of it's opponents, I'd say that beating teams like Stanford (4-6) by 3 points does not impress me.

However, Auburn's domination of Georgia today is impressive. If Auburn can finish undefeated (and they can) they are certainly deserving of a title shot.

...and if you're interested, there's a great article on Auburn and the bunk BCS system here.

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RPM said...

Ahh...there we go again. How come USC is NEVER the darling of the SEC? Never.

Just fyi, Sagarin ratings still rates the Pac 10 as #1 conference - check it out at

USC has played teams which have been tough at least at the time of playing. Except of Arizona and Washington, none of the teams were pushovers.

USC got the short end of the stick last year, and now it is up to others, and this time, it is unfortunately a good Auburn team, to face the music.

There is never going to be a happy ratings system and so having playoffs will be the only way to resolve who is truly the best in the country. But at this time, given the way the rankings work, I think USC deserves to be #1.

Tell me what have they done wrong? Not what Auburn has done to deserve a #2 or a #3, but what has USC done to deserve not continuing to be #1? They have won when they were expected to win, and they have demolished the opposition when they were expected to. They have faced hail in one game which ended up being close, and heavy fog in another.

There is no case for Auburn to jump over USC. No case absolutely. Yes, there is a case for Auburn to be peed off about not being and obvious #2, but not #1.

Hands off that #1, Auburn. Take care of your business and let the system take care of you. Don't look too far ahead because Bama is not going to be easy and the SEC Chmpship game is going to be even tougher.

Play it day by day and then dream of Oranges or whatever. For now, be happy that you are unbeaten and are giving the BCS officials more headaches.

Between Oklahoma and you, I have a feeling you are going to face more problems, so be watching the Big 12 scores, not Pac 10.

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