Friday, November 26, 2004

Hunting Report

In my lifetime, the rice fields of Southwest Louisiana have never been so devoid of waterfowl. I saw only a handful of ducks yesterday. We shot a couple of geese but that was it. Even in the eighties when we could only shoot 4 ducks we at least had ducks to shoot. This is the worst I've seen it. I keep wating for the opening days of the 90's when the question wasn't whether we would have ducks, but how many minutes it would take to limit out. I can remember several trips in 2000 when we would pass up easy shots on teal and grey ducks because we knew we would limit out on mallards and pintail. Those days have been gone for a while now. I am confident they will return. But not this year. At any rate, I still enjoy it, and I'm going back tomorrow. After all, the surest way to kill no ducks is to not go hunting at all.

If there are any duck/goose hunters reading this, let me know how you're doing, what kind of shotgun you shoot (this is mine), where you hunt, etc.

UPDATE: Finally saw a few ducks this morning (11/27/04). Got a greenhead and a wood duck. Should have had a couple of teal. Oh well, doin' it all again tomorrow.

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