Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mozilla Firefox

Twice this past week I've read about Mozilla's Firefox web browser being the greatest thing since sliced bread. I downloaded and installed it about 20 minutes ago and I can already see a big difference. It's much faster than IE. So far, it's also killed the annoying pop ups that I couldn't kill with the Google toolbar or Ad-Aware, or Spy-bot, or Window Washer or anything else. I'm not one of these anti-Bill-Gates techno junkies, but the early exit polls I've conducted on myself show a landslide in favor of the "Firefox rules & IE is junk" ticket. I'll be using Firefox exclusively from now on and I'll let you know if I change my mind.

UPDATE: I've just discovered live bookmarks and RSS feeds. This is probably old news to many of you but I'm no web geek. Using these live bookmarks, I can quickly browse all blogspot sites (and you can browse mine) for new posts. A sidebar lists all recent posts by title. It also works for news stories and other stuff. Firefox gets better and better.

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