Monday, November 22, 2004

Lead Story Before 9/11/04

Does anyone remember? Take a guess. I remember exactly what the lead story was on every network leading up to 9/11. Just for kicks, I looked to see how many stories CNN had published on this topic from 9/1/01 to 9/10/01. In those 10 days there were at least 11 stories about this. My only point here is that the media too often focuses on irrelevant tabloid stories for the sake of ratings. Significant events that affect the course of history (such as those leading up to 9/11) are not as tantilizing as sex, murder, Hollywood, and apparently sharks. But can we really blame the media? After all, they're only supplying what is in demand. Am I being pessimistic, or do the American people no longer wish to be informed, only entertained?

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